NRK P3 in Norway chooses Audio Brothers for brand new custom-made news imaging.

Listen here to the NRK news imaging:

News radio is still the most trustworthy medium across Europe, but at the same time the ways in which people are accessing news are changing rapidly. This is especially the case with younger people. Norwegian public radio station NRK P3 understands this perfectly and wanted to upgrade their news imaging package. In search for the perfect partner for this challenge, they asked Audio Brothers, an Amsterdam based music production and recording studio, noted for composing original soundtracks and custom radio imaging.

NRK P3 Editor Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl: “I heard the news, weather and traffic imaging on Radio 538 (NL) and instantly knew Audio Brothers were the right partner for us. The original, rich and modern sound perfectly fits with what I had in mind.” Audio Brothers Head of Productions Flip van Schil: “For radio stations it is
increasingly challenging to hold the attention of a younger audience, especially when it comes to something seemingly ‘boring’ as the news. So NRK P3 needed imaging and sound that keeps their listeners engaged, excited and curious throughout the whole news bulletin, that was the main challenge.”


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