VRT Radio 1 | New Custom Jingle Package 2022

“VRT Radio 1 chooses Audio Brothers for Brand New Jingle Package 2022”

BRUSSELS | Jan. 24, 2022 - VRT Radio 1 has broadcasted their brand new custom made jingle package, created by Audio Brothers. The complete new audio branding consists of a Top-of-The-Hour, News Imaging, Show Starts (incl. Extended Versions), and Flow Jingles.

The overall sound and feel is "The soundtrack of what is happening in the world today". A package with an urgent and international character for current affairs and news on the one hand, and variety and playfulness on the other. All in support of the spoken word.

“Audio Brothers fully understand how we want Radio 1 to evolve in terms of audio branding in the future. Radio 1 unites many worlds, which they feel perfectly and translate into their compositions. Their interesting musical approach and the close cooperation are a plus for us".

- Alain Ryckman, Head of Radio Imaging VRT - 



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