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5x Drones

Cosmic Pulse

Black holes survive by swallowing up the gas and stars around them, and it is their gluttony that betrays and makes them visible. But even black holes will die one day. And when that happens, these monsters don't go quietly into the night.

In the final moments of each black hole, a burst of fireworks will light up the universe and herald the end of the era. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could capture these endless pulsating sound waves?

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  • 5x Drones.
  • Full + lite versions [3 min].
  • All stems / work parts.
  • Worldwide broadcast license.
  • All media clearance.
  • Pay once, use forever!

I think they may be one of the best radio imaging companies out there right now.

- Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl, redaksjonsleder, NRK P3 & NRK MP3