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As a brand, you make a lot of sound. This whole ecosystem is heard every second and carries your DNA. It is our responsibility to ensure that your brand identity and content is not lost in the unstructured, cacophony of the everyday, but instead becomes a harmonious, melodic and rhythmic interplay - targeting the hearts and minds of your audience. If you would like to know more about our royalty-free radio production beds, drones and news imaging packages or our customised audio branding services, click on the buttons below.

Royalty Free Radio Imaging Webshop For Radio Production Beds, Radio Music Beds, Drones, News Beds, Weather Beds, Traffic Beds, News Imaging. Perfect For Local and Online Radio Stations. For Station Imagers, DJ's, Radio Shows. Free Worldwide License.

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Bring your radio station, program or show to life by using our ready-to-use and royalty-free radio production beds, drones and news imaging packages. They are carefully crafted and packed with rich details, unique elements and natural accelerations. Buy and download them in our webshop.

Royalty Free Radio Imaging Webshop For Radio Production Beds, Radio Music Beds, Drones, News Beds, Weather Beds, Traffic Beds, News Imaging. Perfect For Local and Online Radio Stations. For Station Imagers, DJ's, Radio Shows. Free Worldwide License.

Looking for custom Audio Branding?

Audio Brothers has created tailor-made audio branding for the world's most beloved broadcasting stations.

new work VRT RADIO 1

Listen here to the 2022 complete new audio branding of VRT Radio 1, created by Audio Brothers.


Royalty free music means you:

Only have to pay once upon check-out.

Get to use the tracks anywhere and keep them forever.

Are allowed to re-use the tracks in multiple projects at no extra cost.

Can use the tracks in personal and commercial media projects.

Royalty free does NOT mean that it's copyright free. If applicable you have a duty to accurately report the music used in your project to the/your Performance Rights Organization (PRO) - like ASCAP, BMI, Sabam, STIM, TONO or Buma/Stemra, by using a cue sheet or a designated software application/system. You can find a cue sheet at your PRS.

When reporting the use of the Music Package please use the following details:


IPI-number: 00551131297

Title Names: These are the file names of each individual composition/file in your downloaded Music Package.

Thanks to you, artists will be compensated for the public performance of their work by their Performance Rights Organization.

No. Audio Brothers is still the copyright owner of all compositions and sound recordings.

You only get to use the tracks covered by the license included in the download when you buy our Music Packs.

As such, every time our tracks are played in public, on TV or Radio for example. We will be entitled to performance royalties.

These will be paid by Performance Rights Organization, not by you.

The only thing you'll have to do is fill out the paperwork and send it to the PRO when you broadcast our tracks on TV or Radio.

After purchase you receive an email with a secure download link in your inbox.

Cannot find your download link? Please check your spam folder first. Still nothing?

Please send an email to, and we will reactivate your download link.

Yes. Please send an email to or via the contact button in the top banner, and we will get in touch with you.

Unfortunately we cannot give you a refund. For any digital/downloadable content purchased online, the 14 days withdrawal period will expire after you purchase such digital content or when you start downloading the content for the first time, whichever is sooner.

So, please be aware that as soon as you've had access to the product, either via download or by any other means, it is in effect and non-refundable.

No. You do not need to sign a separate licence agreement to use your package. It is included in the download.

We have included this license agreement with your download because the content of the package is owned and copyrighted by Audio Brothers.

This prevents people from, for example, reselling the package without restriction, sub-licensing it, or claiming in any way that it is their property or copyright.

This license agreement grants you the right to use the content of the package for personal or professional use.

This right of use is non-exclusive (because we can also sell the package to others), applies worldwide (as a territory) and for an indefinite period of time. All details can be found in your download.

We are aware of these extra credit card charges, but they do not come from us.

Audio Brothers never charges or receives any additional fees; the total amount you see on your screen when you purchase our products is the amount we receive.

The extra fee on your statement is a “foreign transaction fee” charged by the bank that issued your credit card.

A number of EU banks have a policy of adding a fee to the transaction if the seller is located outside of the EU (we are located in The Netherlands), even if the purchase is made in Euros.

This fee varies between 0% and 3% depending on the credit card you are using. For bookkeeping purposes, this is considered as a bank service fee.

Yes. You can use or embed the music in a personal or professional project/context for yourself, your clients or your employer.

Our Music Packages - or any of its content - may not be sold, transferred, distributed, bartered, traded, shared, leased, or given away to any other (third) party.

Please read our License and copyright agreement below or in your Music Package.