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5x Drones

Cosmic Pulse

As matter spirals towards the event horizon of a black hole, it emits a faint whisper of radiation, a final lament before disappearing into the abyss. The gravitational waves produced by the violent collisions of massive objects near black holes create ripples in spacetime and generate a low-frequency hum that reverberates through the universe. In the cosmic symphony, Cosmic Pulse is the silent conductor whose invisible hand orchestrates the movements of celestial bodies.

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  • 5x drones
  • full + lite versions [3 min]
  • all stems / work parts
  • wav files
  • worldwide broadcast license
  • all media clearance
  • pay once, use forever

I think they may be one of the best radio imaging companies out there right now.

- Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl, redaksjonsleder, NRK P3 & NRK MP3

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jose cornejo
perfect for radio

very Good, it has made my productions easier for me, perfect for radio