4x Music Beds (EDM)

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes is the soundtrack to carefree moments under the bare sky, whether you are lazing on the beach, picnicking in the park or dancing at an outdoor festival. Each note seems to glisten with the warmth of the season, infusing the air with a sense of vitality and joy. As the days stretch into dusk, the music continues, uniting people in shared experiences and creating memories that linger like the scent of sunscreen on sun-kissed skin.

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  • 4x music beds
  • full + lite versions [3 min]
  • full + lite versions [15 & 30 sec]
  • all versions with START FX
  • all versions without START FX
  • all stems / work parts
  • wav files
  • worldwide broadcast license
  • all media clearance
  • pay once, use forever

Their work is very impressive. If you need top quality you definitely have to buy from these guys.

- Chris Hartgers, imaging lead radio 3FM/538

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Customer Reviews

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Christophe Mallecot
pack Summer Vibes

j'ai téléchargé le pack summer vibes et suis très satisfait de la présentation et du contenu très professionnel.
Une belle découverte et aujourd'hui AudiBrothers fait partie de ma shopping liste pour mes productions à venir.

Lucas Uijttenboogaard

Good quality beds! I really enjoy the package in my shows. Thanks.

John Eldijk van
Great delivery

First of all, thanks for making the free version available, I listened to it and edited it into nice bedjes.
I really like the fact that everything is separate so that you can also your own creativity in making background beds.
Very satisfied with the whole thing.

Thank you very much.

Gr. John

Yorben Van Houdt
Super High Quality Sounds

I always like the products that Audio Brothers deliver, great music beds that fit perfectly in my vision of a radioshow

The big punch inside your ears

They are used to be talkovers, right? I am just wondering because they are so damn good I don't want to hear anybody talking over it! 😀 But in case you want to use them as a bed you will get a happy upbeat one (fruit punch), something directly from the after-hours (soda) and something dreamy (wake me up). I like!