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4x Music Beds (EDM)

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes is the soundtrack to carefree moments under the bare sky, whether you are lazing on the beach, picnicking in the park or dancing at an outdoor festival. Each note seems to glisten with the warmth of the season, infusing the air with a sense of vitality and joy. As the days stretch into dusk, the music continues, uniting people in shared experiences and creating memories that linger like the scent of sunscreen on sun-kissed skin.

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  • 4x music beds
  • full + lite versions [3 min]
  • full + lite versions [15 & 30 sec]
  • all versions with START FX
  • all versions without START FX
  • all stems / work parts
  • wav files
  • worldwide broadcast license
  • all media clearance
  • pay once, use forever

Their work is very impressive. If you need top quality you definitely have to buy from these guys.

- Chris Hartgers, imaging lead radio 3FM/538

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Goed en niet duur

De audiobedjes klinken als een klok en zijn bovenal niet duur.

Morten Vassing
Just amazing radio imaging audio for that exciting broadcast feeling

As the PD at DANCE100 Radio Station we're constantly looking at radio imaging to stand out and be recognized. Audio Brothers have never let us down.
Service is impeccable and prices are so reasonable as first you think it's a joke or a typo. But it's real.

Gary Embar
Incredible and High Fidelity!

Blown away! Can't believe it took so long to find you brothers. The quality of work is beyond outstanding. Sure enough to buy more from you...probably will have a 'custom music bed' done. Keep up the good work...many of us need you!

Pluto Radio
Just Fantastic

We purchased this package to add some on air variety and to elevate the links from our presenters. The beds sound fresh and really improve the sound of our station. The 15 and 30s cuts make their use very simple with our playout system, and we've received positive feedback from our presenters. I eagerly await more packages as they're created. We will 100% purchase more from Audio Brothers.

Christophe Mallecot
pack Summer Vibes

j'ai téléchargé le pack summer vibes et suis très satisfait de la présentation et du contenu très professionnel.
Une belle découverte et aujourd'hui AudiBrothers fait partie de ma shopping liste pour mes productions à venir.