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3x Music Beds (Urban Soul)

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is a journey through a kaleidoscope of sounds and sensations. Listening to Harlem brings you soulful sounds of jazz and blues, infused with a timeless rhythm. Bushwick is inspired by the rousing energy and eclectic beats that reverberate from underground venues and lively street performances. Soho is more polished, really something for the sophisticated music lover. Each neighbourhood has its own specific vibe, but they all have in common that they nurture creativity and passion.

Regular price €9,00

  • 3x music beds
  • full + lite versions [3 min]
  • full + lite versions [15 & 30 sec]
  • all versions with START FX
  • all versions without START FX
  • all stems / work parts
  • wav files
  • worldwide broadcast license
  • all media clearance
  • pay once, use forever

I think they may be one of the best radio imaging companies out there right now.

- Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl, redaksjonsleder, NRK P3 & NRK MP3