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5x Music Beds (Easy Pop)


Metropolis is a vibrant cacophony of genres and rhythms that reflects the diversity of city life. From the pulsating night life beats to the melodious tones of live bands echoing from bars and cafes, every corner resonates with its own unique soundtrack. Amid the chaos, a harmony emerges in which music becomes a unifying force that bridges the gaps between cultures and communities. Metropolis moves with the heartbeat of the city, a companion that interweaves with the fabric of everyday life.

Regular price €15,00

  • 5x music beds
  • full + lite versions [3 min]
  • full + lite versions [15 & 30 sec]
  • all versions with START FX
  • all versions without START FX
  • all stems / work parts
  • wav files
  • worldwide broadcast license
  • all media clearance
  • pay once, use forever

I think they may be one of the best radio imaging companies out there right now.

- Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl, redaksjonsleder, NRK P3 & NRK MP3

Customer Reviews

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Pluto Radio
Just Fantastic

We purchased this package to add some on air variety and to elevate the links from our presenters. The beds sound fresh and really improve the sound of our station. The 15 and 30s cuts make their use very simple with our playout system, and we've received positive feedback from our presenters. I eagerly await more packages as they're created. We will 100% purchase more from Audio Brothers.

Keedi Keedi

Amazing, simply beautiful. It has an amazing vibe

jose cornejo
Thank you for making my work more efficient.

A great tool for radio stations. Thank you for making my work more efficient.