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VRT Radio 1 | Audio Branding 2022

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Radio 538

Radio 538 is still using the fresh news, weather and traffic beds created by Audio Brothers. Since 2016, Audio Brothers has been working closely with Chris Hartgers and Niels Franken to continuously improve and develop the sound of the station.

listen here
VRT Radio 1

VRT Radio 1 has broadcasted their brand new custom made jingle package. The overall sound and feel is "The soundtrack of what is happening in the world today". A package with an urgent and international character for current affairs and news on the one hand, and variety and playfulness on the other. All in support of the spoken word.

listen here

SLAM! is throwing its morning show on the rocks. The youth channel promises to keep 'the morning show with the most music'. 'SLAM is accessible, energetic, ahead of the curve, thought-provoking and free. Exactly that feeling comes together in SLAM's new morning show.'

listen here

Since 2018 Audio Brothers has been collaborating intensely with Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl and Chris Nesse to keep the sound of the station up to date, modern, and future proof. They keep challenging us to come up with the latest tricks and innovations.

listen here
Radio 10

Since 2017 Audio Brothers has been updating the sound of Radio 10's on-air game show "De Lach van 10". A challenging balancing act between suspense and feel good. Thank you Niels Franken and Roland Snoeijer for the great collaboration.

listen here
Sky Radio

Sky Radio has news imaging with the proper authority and tone that an outstanding news bulletin deserves. It helps people to understand and engage with the world around them. Audio Brothers mixed and mastered the full package. All the necessary creative and technical possibilities were explored, because even the smallest tweaks have a huge impact on the overall feel.

listen here